All Features

Vectorworks Graphics Module

Wireframe and Planar Graphics Improvements

View Transition Animation

Preference for 3D Render Mode and Projection

Mesh Improvements

Modeling Performance Improvements

Modernized Visual Performance

BIM That Works for You

Curtain Walls

New Level Constraint System for Stories


COBie-Facilities Management for IFC Export



Doors and Windows

BCF Importer

Technology Interoperability

File Import and Export

DXF/DWG/DWF Improvements

Robust PDF Integration

3D Modeling and Rendering

3D Hatching for Hidden Line Rendering

OpenGL Improvements

Renderworks Style Artistic Edges

New Deform Tool

Documentation and Graphics Improvements

Clip Cube Caps

Powerful Text Features

Publish Command

Gradient Opacity Control

Support for Retina and 4K Displays

Detail Callouts


Workflow Efficiency Gains

Worksheet Refinement

Help When and Where You Need It

Eliminate Mouse Clicks

Class and Layer Management

Site Design Enhancements

Site Modeling and Calculations

Roadway Object Improvements

Grade Object Improvements

Drawing Annotations

Plant Materials

On-Screen Indicator for Site Model Errors

Varied Batter Slope

Slope-Aware Landscape Area Calculations

Existing Tree Enhancements

Plant Object Tight Outline

Easier Access to Plant Content Libraries

Entertainment Design Enhancements

New Spotlight Objects

Flip Label Legend Control

Direct Editing for Lighting Position Objects

Height for Position Summary

Pop-up Parameter Types for Lighting Devices

Objects Enhanced with Element Classing

Improvements to Existing Tools

Stage Lift

New Content and Mobile Apps

New Content Libraries

Vectorworks Nomad 3D Viewing

New Vectorworks Remote App